3D Mascara Review and Video

My eyelashes are naturally very short and stubby— basically the opposite of the type of va-va-voom lashery I want to have going on. Oh, and I’ve tried falsies. I’m not sure if it’s my wrinkly lids or what, but I have yet to successfully apply false eyelashes. But you know what? It doesn’t even matter anymore. Because I’ve found 3D mascara. 3D Fiber Lashes are the bomb diggity Yup, I’m throwing it down with circa mid-90s slang. Younique’s Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is the mascara that I’ve been waiting for all this time. Seriously, I thought I’d have to deal with my laughably short lashes and forever be jelly of the lush, long lashes so many other ladies enjoy… and then the 3D Lashes caught my eye. I could not help myself and immediately signed up as a presenter, and oh my— I am so glad I did. The amazing makeup I got in my kit (and all the makeup I’ve gotten since.. and there’s a lot!) has supercharged my newfound makeup obsession in a whole new way. Note that you can use 3D Fiber Lashes on its own (as I prefer to do), or you can use it along with your favorite mascara and turbo-charge your current lash routine. How to get sky-high lashes without falsies For me, makeup isn’t about covering up perceived imperfections or looking like someone other than me— no, for me, it’s been about rediscovering my identity as a woman, separate from all the other hats I wear as a mom and a wife. I love Younique’s mission, and I’m happy to be affiliated with such a standout company that cares... read more

How free webinars can make you money

There’s something intrinsically compelling about being able to participate in a live call with an industry expert or colleague. In a world of digital accessibility, it’s amazing that we’re able to connect with, learn from, and collaborate with mentors, instructors, and industry bigwigs— all without ever having to leave our homes. People crave connections, so if you have a unique viewpoint, some industry expertise, and you’re open to a bit of quasi-public speaking, you have a distinct advantage to rise up over all the noise that’s present on social media today. What’s it to you? And get to the point— how does that earn you money? By offering free workshops and webinars. Yup. That’s right— completely free to your viewers. Webinars give people the ability to access resources and network in a way that might not otherwise be possible, and that means that you also have the ability to tap into an audience that might otherwise be unreachable. How does offering free webinars make money? The reason why anyone would want to offer a free webinar is simple: to share knowledge and information. In order for your webinar to be successful (and thus profitable) you need to want to share your knowledge and insights. Not only does this give you excellent karma and shows that you’re probably a decent human being who wants to share, your willingness to do that also makes it so that your audience and potential customers become endeared to you. It builds your know, like, and trust factor. Yup. Know, like, and trust is a biggie! Think about it— It’s always a lot more agreeable giving your hard earned cash to a salesman or... read more

Best Lip Stain Ever! – Stiff Upper Lip by Younique

Meet my new favorite beauty item: Stiff Upper Lip lip stain from Younique! In addition to being a vibrant and smudge-proof, kiss-proof, touch-proof, fool-proof alternative to lipsticks that fade or can feel heavy, Younique’s lip stain is a cinch to apply. The secret is in the unique (no pun intended) shape of the wand that molds to your lips and makes painting the stain on as easy as pie. Check it out. <3 I’m a Younique Independent Presenter! Contact me if you’re interested in trying out some FREE samples, hosting a party to earn FREE makeup. Interested in joining my team and being your own #GIRLBOSS? Text me at (845) 219-1023 or shoot me an... read more

MDG 4, babies and children, and why you should care

I’m going to get right to the point. Being lucky enough to be born in a developed country is one of the most under-appreciated things… ever, really. Many of the problems we experience, legit or otherwise, would almost feel like a welcome break to those who live in conditions we have a hard time even imagining. I think people throw the word privilege out way more than seems necessary, but you know what? There is most definitely such a thing as first world privilege. And it conveniently shields us from the plight experienced by those living in developing nations. Hell, this same mindset keeps us from realizing what’s going on in poorer communities in our own nation. Millennium Development Goal 4 The aim of Millennium Development Goal 4 is to reduce childhood mortality. The goal for 2015 is a reduction in the number of preventable childhood deaths by 60%. This may seem like a lofty number, but guess what? Every day, approximately 18,000 children die from preventable causes. Yup. That includes preventable diseases and hunger — things that the vast majority of us in America don’t need to worry about, things that people like you and me can work together to help prevent. Here’s a tear-jerking statistic: 80% of the children who die under the age of 5 are newborns, and in developing nations, the reason is often inadequate nutrition and lack of access to lifesaving healthcare for pregnant and nursing women, babies, and young children. It’s heartbreaking. With three young sons of my own, I can only imagine the trials that pregnant women and new mothers in developing nations face. Having a child die all while knowing that it could have... read more

The gift guide for the lazy last minute gifter

I’m going to let you in on a little secret— I’ve whipped up this gift guide because, well, I need it. This post is a virtual post-it for myself more than it is a blog post. It’s December 18, and the clock is ticking. Whether you’re waiting until you get your Christmas bonus, you haven’t been able to carve out the time to or you simply forgot (it happens), fret not, you can still impress (well, maybe) with a gift that shows you care (it’s open to interpretation). The gift of streaming video You don’t even have to wrap it— but you know they’ll love it. Snag an online gift voucher or a physical gift card for your recipient for Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or Netflix. Sure, you basically pay to watch commercials on Hulu Plus, Amazon’s been receiving flak for their less-than-stellar treatment of warehouse employees and they’ve single handedly managed to kill the bookstore, and Netflix’s prices keep on rising despite their crappy assortment of not-s0-fresh films… but that’s okay, because everybody has a little bit of couch potato in them, and when the recipient of your thoughtful present gets all nostalgic for all his favorite direct-to-DVD movies, he’ll think of you fondly.   The gift of the subscription box There’s a subscription box for everything and everyone, and you know what? This is the best present of all, because you totally seem extra thoughtful— you gift that new mom 3 months of Citrus Lane or (my favorite) Bluum Box, get your secret santa from work (that dude who plays WoW) a taste of Lootcrate, give your vegan postal carrier a NatureBox subscription (maybe she’ll... read more

Ipsy Glam Bag December 2014 Unboxing

Well, I guess it should really be called an unbagging because… errr… nevermind. Ipsy Glam Bag #ThinkingOfYou   Want to join Ipsy? Click here to check them out! Approximate total value: $33.76 NYX Butter Lip Balm: $4.00 Beauty Without Cruelty A.H.A. 3% Facial Cleanser: $2.81 (trial size) Cailyn Just Mineral Eye Polish: $15.00 Style Sexy Hair 450 Blowout: $3.62 (trial size) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara: $8.33 (trial size) ** Please be aware that this amount is based on the full values of the items received (or adjusted for trial sizes), and may not reflect actual prices of these products from your favorite retailers. **   Is an Ipsy Glam Bag subscription worth it? Ipsy has yet to disappoint me with the quality and value of the bags I’ve received! From what I can find, it seems that the majority of people who try Ipsy agree, and I’m honestly confounded as to why some people get so cranky with their comments in the Ipsy community. When you take a look at the actual values (including adjusted values for trial size products), it adds up to nothing less than an amazing deal! Including tax, this subscription costs me $10.81 a month, and every month, the value of the products I receive comes to at least 2.5x that... read more