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Dropbox Pro Users Now Get a Terabyte of Space

Dropbox users— huzzah! In a move that looks to have been made in response to Apple’s upcoming new iCloud Drive, Dropbox is now offering Pro users a full terabyte of space — the pricing stays the same: $9.99 a month or $99.00 for a full year. They’ve also...

Pimsleur Spanish Language Learning System Review

It’s pretty awesome being bilingual— I imagine it’s even more so being multilingual! I count myself lucky that I’m fluent in a 2nd language already (well . . . let’s say 50% fluent— I can understand Tagalog no problem! I usually just respond in...

Three Simple Steps to Secure Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is an amazing universe of code— it’s beautiful, complex, and for users who don’t deal with the intricate backend of maintaining a WordPress site, wonderfully simple. However, it’s not without its weaknesses; the biggest one being that,...

Organic and GMO-free Yacon Root Syrup Review

So what is Yacon root syrup? I’d never personally heard of Yacon syrup until very recently, but after doing a bit of research on the interwebz, I found that this impressive all-natural sugar substitute has been featured on Dr. Oz as part of an informal study and...

A Handwritten I Love You

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was a senior in high school, and in typical senioritis slacker form, I spent my days in class doing something other than the busy work absentmindedly handed to us by our teachers. Back then, I would write full notebooks worth of love...

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