FREE 2017 Printable Weekly Planner

I could not, for the life of me, find a simple, fuss-free weekly planner that runs from Sunday to Saturday.

So I made one.

For all of you looking for a weekly planner still— grab this FREE printable.

Water Garden Aquaponics Kit Review

My husband and I have a very interesting dynamic. Everything turns into a competition, including (somehow) who has a better 3 gallon fish tank.

Free Printable: Responsibility & Rewards Binder Kit

Last week, mildly annoyed by yet another request for a random toy request (which was preceded and followed by terrible behavior, I might add), I decided that it was time for a chore chart. Not just any chore chart though— I wanted to make sure the boys would be as invested in the process as I was, and I wanted them to have full ownership over their individual results.

How free webinars can make you money

People crave connections, so if you have a unique viewpoint, some industry expertise, and you’re open to a bit of quasi-public speaking, you have a distinct advantage to rise up over all the noise that’s present on social media today.

Goals and Gratitude Day 2: Six Months

Today, my baby (kid #3) is 6 months old! Third time around— maybe you’d think I’d get used to it, but nope, still get a tad weepy when little milestones like this are hit. 🙂 Gratitude Today I’m taking a moment to express gratitude for little baby smiles and babbling, bubbly little giggles and slobbery almost-kisses— even that scratchy, pinchy thing he does to any part of me he can grab onto when he’s breastfeeding. Happy 6 months, little baby. 🙂 Happy 6 months, my squishy little bowling ball! I love your pudgy chipmunk cheeks, crazy hair, and fat little feet that inexplicably smell like chocolate. ❤️ A post shared by kristina *cheska* Q (@cheskaq) on Feb 2, 2015 at 6:39pm PST Goals I got a fresh new Baron Fig notebook last week, and it’s time to christen the pages with some thoughts, goals, or perhaps some freehand doodling. You know I love paper, right? Gawd my fresh new @baronfig notebook is beautiful. I hesitate to sully the crisp pages with my chicken scratch, but obv, I bought it to write in it, or doodle, or something. #ilovepaper A post shared by kristina *cheska* Q (@cheskaq) on Jan 29, 2015 at 7:42pm PST Inspiration I’m currently reading #GIRLBOSS by Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso. I’m about a third of the way through, and it’s awesome, motivational, inspirational, and highly entertaining. I recommend...

Birthday Month of Goals and Gratitude – Day 1

February is my birthday month. (Yay!) This year, February is beautifully symmetrical, its four weeks beginning on a Sunday (today) and ending on a Saturday (the 28th). It is the perfect month for a 28 day challenge, and I’m up for one. Seriously, it’s all kismet (er, or something like that). Look at how pretty those 28 days look! Goals and Gratitude – Day 1 Today, I want to take a moment and focus on how thankful I am for the health and relative comfort & happiness my family and I are lucky enough to enjoy, in no small part due to my hardworking husband, an amazing job that I am so grateful for and love doing, the support of our families, and a touch of kismet. Of course it would be cool to have more, to be more, to see, taste, touch, and do more. But you know what? For what I do have, I am grateful. I am happy. And to quote the Jacobs brothers (as well as, like, any happy person), life is...

MDG 4, babies and children, and why you should care

Being lucky enough to be born in a developed country is one of the most under-appreciated things… ever, really. Many of the problems we experience, legit or otherwise, would almost feel like a welcome break to those who live in conditions we have a hard time even imagining.

Ipsy Glam Bag December 2014 Unboxing

Well, I guess it should really be called an unbagging because… errr… nevermind. Ipsy Glam Bag #ThinkingOfYou   Want to join Ipsy? Click here to check them out! Approximate total value: $33.76 NYX Butter Lip Balm: $4.00 Beauty Without Cruelty A.H.A. 3% Facial Cleanser: $2.81 (trial size) Cailyn Just Mineral Eye Polish: $15.00 Style Sexy Hair 450 Blowout: $3.62 (trial size) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara: $8.33 (trial size) ** Please be aware that this amount is based on the full values of the items received (or adjusted for trial sizes), and may not reflect actual prices of these products from your favorite retailers. **   Is an Ipsy Glam Bag subscription worth it? Ipsy has yet to disappoint me with the quality and value of the bags I’ve received! From what I can find, it seems that the majority of people who try Ipsy agree, and I’m honestly confounded as to why some people get so cranky with their comments in the Ipsy community. When you take a look at the actual values (including adjusted values for trial size products), it adds up to nothing less than an amazing deal! Including tax, this subscription costs me $10.81 a month, and every month, the value of the products I receive comes to at least 2.5x that...

Citrus Lane December 2014 Unboxing

  Citrus Lane Unboxing Video December 2014 | 5 month old boy   Total Approximate Retail Value of my December 2014 Citrus Lane box: $38.43 Pearhead Babyprints Ornament kit: $14.95 Boon Hitch pacifier clip: $7.49 Under the NIle Scrappy Elephant toy: $8.00 Little Hoot board book: $7.99 * Please be aware that this amount is based on the full values of the items received, and may not reflect actual prices of these products from your favorite retailers....