my name is kristina.

I hail from the Hudson Valley, and I’m a photographer, mom, and customer service aficionado who also happens to be really into social media. In fact, I run the customer service side of things at a startup that’s all about social media and internet marketing. We’re a distributed team that’s led by an awesome company founder and a fantastic project manager. I work from home (or from wherever I happen to be), and that’s prettttty sweet. I’m a big fan of cake (because who isn’t, right?), and pink is my favorite color. 🙂

Goshen-based Hudson Valley photographer

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Craftulous is a lifestyle blog covering the topics of blogging, tech, and social media + photography and creativity + being a work at home mom.

You'll also find kid & family friendly reviews, rad giveaways, and the occasional personal ramblings of a sometimes frazzled, often awesome, and always hustling millennial mom of 3 boys.

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