Birthday Month of Goals and Gratitude – Day 1

February is my birthday month. (Yay!)

This year, February is beautifully symmetrical, its four weeks beginning on a Sunday (today) and ending on a Saturday (the 28th). It is the perfect month for a 28 day challenge, and I’m up for one. Seriously, it’s all kismet (er, or something like that).

Day 1 - February 1, 2015

Look at how pretty those 28 days look!

Goals and Gratitude – Day 1

Goals and Gratitude - Day 1

Today, I want to take a moment and focus on how thankful I am for the health and relative comfort & happiness my family and I are lucky enough to enjoy, in no small part due to my hardworking husband, an amazing job that I am so grateful for and love doing, the support of our families, and a touch of kismet.

Of course it would be cool to have more, to be more, to see, taste, touch, and do more. But you know what? For what I do have, I am grateful. I am happy. And to quote the Jacobs brothers (as well as, like, any happy person), life is good.

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