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Free Printable: Responsibility & Rewards Binder Kit

Last week, mildly annoyed by yet another request for a random toy request (which was preceded and followed by terrible behavior, I might add), I decided that it was time for a chore chart. Not just any chore chart though— I wanted to make sure the boys would be as invested in the process as I was, and I wanted them to have full ownership over their individual results.

Citrus Lane December 2014 Unboxing

  Citrus Lane Unboxing Video December 2014 | 5 month old boy   Total Approximate Retail Value of my December 2014 Citrus Lane box: $38.43 Pearhead Babyprints Ornament kit: $14.95 Boon Hitch pacifier clip: $7.49 Under the NIle Scrappy Elephant toy: $8.00 Little Hoot board book: $7.99 * Please be aware that this amount is based on the full values of the items received, and may not reflect actual prices of these products from your favorite retailers....

December 2014 Bluum Box Unboxing

Want to try Bluum? Sign up here! 🙂 December 2014 Bluum Box Unboxing – 5 month old box Total Approximate Retail Value: $30.93 Playtex SmartStand: $7.99 Playtex Training Cup: $4.99 1 jar of Beech-Nut Stage 1 baby food: ~$1.00 $1.00 coupon for Beech-Nut baby food: $1.00 B Kids Bubbly Bird Teether: $5.00 Rich Frog Foozler: $10.95 *Please be aware that this amount is based on some quick research of the full values of the items received and is not necessarily based on the quoted prices given by Bluum. Will I be keeping my Bluum Box subscription? Why yessirree, I will be. I currently pay month-to-month at a rate of $29.00 charged to my card on file on the 1st of every month, and so far, I’m happy with the stuff I get each...

Citrus Lane September 2014 Unboxing

Yesterday, we received our September box from Citrus Lane   Citrus Lane box review: for a one month old boy – September 2014 Tea Collection Bodysuit and unique $25 off $50 promo code Kleiner Schlingel Bodysuit in Chalk,  size 3-6 months – Value: $22 It was awesome to find this in my box! Even if I had not received a promo code I’d still be happy with it, because the bodysuit currently retails for $22.00. I love Tea Collection! Their clothes are so very well-made with such timeless style. Diaper Rash Ointment from Dr. Smith’s and two $2.00 off coupons Two trial size tubes (0.5 oz) – Value: approximately $4.33 (based on current pricing at I haven’t tried this brand before— no worries though! With an infant you can never have too much booty ointment. Mrs. Meyer’s Radish Dish Soap and one $1.00 off coupon One trial size bottle (2 fl oz) – Value: approximately $1.10 (based on current pricing at Amazon) I’ve seen Mrs. Meyer’s brand products but have yet to try it— like diaper rash ointment, dishwashing liquid is something a household always has a need for. Hape wooden Rainbow Rattle toy Value: approximately $13 (based on current pricing at Amazon) It’s a cute, quality toy, but to be honest, I’m not sure I’d be able to justify spending over $10 on a regular ol’ teething toy. Total Retail Value of my September 2014 Citrus Lane Box: $40.43 Total value of deals/savings/coupons included: $30.10 plus a promo code that I can share with a friend that’ll give her one month free— At this time, I’m not sure if this is a one-time use promo code or not, so I’m not...

The Sippy Cup Transition & Parenting Woes in General

Originally published in January of 2008 on my previous blog. littleQ is now 8 (woohoo!) and yes, we got through the sippy cup transition just fine. I’m ecstatic!  It’s day four that littleQ (my son, currently 23 months, 2 weeks old) has gone completely sans bottle.  So that’s it!  The complete transition to sippy cup has been accomplished.  whew. Interestingly (at least to me), he’s actually quite adept at and has been comfortable with drinking from a regular cup or glass, with and without a straw, however when it comes to his evening “milky” or his lunchtime “juicy”, he’s always insisted, nay, demanded a bottle. But no longer! I know that some of you are reading and saying to yourself, Well OMG mine was completely off the bottle like, soooo long ago!  Mmk, well, my kid isn’t yours, and, quite frankly, he obviously wasn’tready to completely give up the bottle yet (until this past week, that is!)… and ultimately, I think that is what it comes down to for most, if not all children: being ready for and comfortable with the transition. We had tried just completely hiding the bottles before, but that hadn’t worked; and he’d just have an ear-piercing tantrum and dissolve into a sea of briny tears with his face puckered up like an angry red prune if we didn’t acquiesce to his demands. This week, I tried it again: After washing and sanitizing his bottles, I hid them somewhere completely out of his wide-eyed line of sight. He didn’t whine or cry for a bottle— not once.  His need for a bottle seems to have vanished,...

Citrus Lane August 2014 Unboxing

My first Citrus Lane box: unboxing and review Early last month, I ordered my very first Citrus Lane box for my now one month old son— it didn’t get here until September 2 due to a snafu with the shipping process, but it got here! I’ll tell you all about that little hiccup, but first, what’s in the box? Here’s what was inside my Citrus Lane August 2014 box  (for a 1 month old boy) Contents: Petit Collage Paper Strand Mobile: Owl in the Family – $5.99 (originally $11.00) This amount is estimated because I was unable to find the exact style (Owl in the Family) on the Petit Collage site. Similar paper strand mobiles that are available range in price from $5.99 to $11.00. I was able to find the Owl in the Family style from third party sellers, with varying price tags starting at $6.00. Innobaby Keepin SMART glass tot food cubes – $9.99 Episencial Snuggly Lotion (3.4 oz) – $9.50 Skip Hop Hug & Hide Monkey Chime Ball – $10.00 Again, this price is estimated. As of writing, the Monkey Chime Ball by Skip Hop is not available on the Citrus Lane site or on A cursory search doesn’t glean much aside from the fact that alternate styles of the Chime Ball are available in a Giraffe and an Owl, and they’re priced at $10.00 each. Total Retail Value: $35.48 *This number is based on the most easily obtainable pricing info available as of writing. Problems with shipping I did run into issues even receiving my box in the first place, and from that experience I found that the...

Support Bullying Prevention: Blue Shirt Day Happens in One Month!

I hope you’re all enjoying Labor Day! Whether you’re BBQ-ing it up or you’re taking advantage of all the hot deals on and offline (or maybe doing some last minute back to school shopping like I’ll be doing later today), make the most of it if you’re stateside and happen to have to day off! Now onto Blue Shirt Day! As parents, all we want to do is protect our children. We want them to live happy, healthy lives, and that includes growing up in a bully-free environment. Unless you live under a rock, you will have noticed that over the past couple of years, the media is paying more attention to the tragic consequences that bullying can have, and as a result, schools and communities are working harder to stop harassment. Why is this important? Because duh, it’s not always just harmless teasing. What some may brush off as “playing around” or “being hard on someone” often crosses the line into abuse that affects the victim physically and psychologically, and that should not be allowed— plain and simple. It’s not just in-person bullying anymore, either. The promise of anonymity presented by the internet and its accessibility to teens and children has created a new trend of the callous, disturbing behavior that is cyberbullying can have (and has had) heartbreaking results. What is Blue Shirt Day? The month of October is National Anti-Bullying Month, and the first Monday of the month (which falls on October 6 this year) is the Blue Shirt Day (r) World Day of Bullying Prevention. Created by the Stomp Out Bullying organization, this campaign dedicates the day to promoting awareness of bullying-prevention efforts. October 6,...

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Backpack and Zoo Lunchies Lunch Box Giveaway!

The school year’s already started in some parts of the country, but here in New York, we’ve still got a week to go! With the birth of kid #3 earlier this month, I am super behind on back to school prep, but at least kid #2’s (partially) ready to go with his matching literally fox-faced Skip Hop Zoo Pack backpack and Zoo Lunchies insulated lunch bag from the Zoo collection. He loves his new fox backpack and lunch bag, and he’s looking forward to his first day of kindergarten next week. 🙂 The Zoo Pack backpack retails for $20.00, and the Zoo Lunchies lunch bag retails for $14.00. Both products come in 18 different animal styles, so there’s an option for every pre-schooler and kindergartener, prettttty much no matter what their favorite animals are. What I love best about Skip Hop is how well made their products are— the Zoo collection is no exception to this standard. I feel that this backpack and lunch bag set is one of the best “bang for your buck” purchases a parent of a preschooler or kindergartener can make during back to school shopping time. Little but still high quality touches set these cute little trendy backpacks and lunch bags above the rest— like an adjustable handle on the lunch bag with a buckle (really convenient for connecting to the backpack) and the cute little details (like the furry fox tail zipper pulls and plaid ears on the fox Zoo Pack and Zoo Lunchies). You can find the Skip Hop Zoo collection at and at Amazon, Target, Babies R Us/Toys R Us and others— just check the store...

RaZbaby keep-it-kleen Pacifier Review

For parents who use them, pacifiers can be lifesavers. Seriously. But one of the most annoying things about pacifiers is how easily they can get filthy— unless of course you’ve got the keep-it-kleen pacifier from RaZbaby. Dubbed “The Smart Pacifier”, the keep-it-kleen closes when dropped— it’s got a built in cover that automatically comes together when baby’s not using it so that the nipple stays clean… that means less back and forth cleaning binkies! <- And let’s face it, every moment not having to clean stuff is most welcome, especially during the first few months. The keep-it-kleen comes in a ton of adorable designs— there’s the Animal Collection, the Sport Collection and the Classic Collection. It’s BPA-free (of course!), and is compatible with RaZbaby’s pacifier holders. The soft orthodontic silicone nipples of the pacifiers are “contour shield designed” so they’re comfortable for baby to suck on, and according to RaZbaby, the design makes it so that using this pacifier shouldn’t have any effect on baby’s teeth development down the line. Bottom Line? At about $4.99 each (less if you’re buying a multi- or value-pack (like the ones available at Target), these pacifiers are a bit on the pricey side (most pacifiers run around the $2.00-$3.00 range). The auto-close “keep it clean” is great, but I think that most moms will want to weigh the benefits of that against the cost— moms who are out and about and on the road more often (especially those with a small brood of children— hello baby number 3 for me!) will likely see more value from this pacifier. I recommend this as an add to your baby registry product. It’s a...

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