Free Printable: Responsibility & Rewards Binder Kit

Recently, I realized that my hybrid free-range/helicopter mom stance wasn’t without its flaws. No kidding, huh? This was painfully obvious when it came to the chore and responsibility aspect of family life. Like most parents, I’m all up on the incentivizing of good and helpful behavior, but I’ve been pretty lax about enforcing rules, exacting the most benign of punishments, or even following through with the vaguer of reward promises. No more.

Last week, mildly annoyed by yet another request for a random toy request (which was preceded and followed by terrible behavior, I might add), I decided that it was time for a chore chart. Not just any chore chart though— I wanted to make sure the boys would be as invested in the process as I was, and I wanted them to have full ownership over their individual results.

The goal?

To learn why self-sufficiency, consistency, hard work, dedication, and teamwork all matter. Oh— and saving too. <- All quite wonderful lessons to ensure that if they’re still living at home in 25 years, damn straight it’s by choice, not necessity. 😉

What you’ll need

Go ahead, grab this parenting printable for free

Okay, technically pay what you wish to, but that also means it could be free.

Free printable PDF Responsibily Binder Kit

Motivating kids to perform chores doesn’t HAVE to be a chore for us, fellow parents! With this 3-piece printable PDF kit, you’ll have everything you need to set your child up for success and implement a responsibility and rewards plan that the kids enjoy.

Help your child learn the value of hard work, dedication, and saving with this easy to use system.

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